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Where to start?

We all know, or at least believe, that mindfulness is a good thing, that it is far superior to its opposite, inattention or carelessness. Likewise with compassion; it’s never out of place for us to project kindness and compassion towards … Continue reading

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Denial, anger, resignation (greed, hatred, delusion)

The previous post was a little out of the ordinary because it addressed an issue that could be seen as political. Recently, I was lucky enough to have a pre-publication peek at an academic article by Ven. Analayo titled: “A … Continue reading

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Mindfulness and the climate crisis

Analayo Bhikkhu recently proposed a radical response to the climate crisis: we can choose to commit to mindfulness and compassion, both at the personal and the collective, public level. We can refuse to participate in the increasing polarization, fear, and … Continue reading

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We are so well primed for bad news or challenges. We take a deep breath, maybe grit our teeth, and carry on. How do we respond when something delightful happens? Especially if it’s unexpected, when we’re surprised by joy? It … Continue reading

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Direct speech

Some of us are great avoiders; we’d rather keep the peace than ask for what we want or need. We bury our anger at slights real and imagined. We may assume that others’ words or silence has meanings that weren’t … Continue reading

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Aaargh! – No!

Some of us tend towards greed; we scan our field of vision and respond to things that we enjoy. Others of us tend in the other direction, toward aversion. We see what we don’t like, what we want to protect … Continue reading

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Desire vs craving

Desire and craving may sound like synonyms, but in the Buddha’s teachings, they are distinct. Desire can be wholesome or unwholesome. We can want to do a good job, or to be of assistance to others, to practice meditation diligently, … Continue reading

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