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Ten auspicious actions

The beginning of the path to awakening is giving, letting go, shifting our focus from a me-centred framework to a relational framework. We start to notice how we feel when we are generous, and how we feel when we are … Continue reading

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Best of all Gifts

Thanissaro Bhikkhu says this about how we can repay our teachers for the wisdom that we have learned from them. A student asks: “How can I ever repay you for your teaching?” Good meditation teachers often hear this question from … Continue reading

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Giving makes the mind beautiful

It’s worth thinking about the place that giving has in our lives. How important is it? How do we feel when we give something with no strings attached? How regularly do we practice generosity, and in what context? This is … Continue reading

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A practice framework for the Eightfold Path

In an early chapter of Gregory Kramer’s book, A Whole-Life Path, he lays out six tenets for approaching the Eightfold Path. They are general guidelines for applying the eight factors described in the path. In sum, the practice tenets are: … Continue reading

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Dhammapada verse 376

Mix with spiritual friends, who are tireless and pure of livelihood. Share what you have with others, being skillful in your conduct. And when you’re full of joy, you’ll make an end to suffering. (translated by Sujato Bhikkhu) This verse … Continue reading

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Dhammapada verses 249-250 (envy vs. joy)

According to their faith,According to their satisfaction,People give.This being the case,If one is enviousOf the food and drink [given] to others,One does not attain samādhiBy day or by night.But by cutting out, uprooting and discardingThis [envious state]One gains samādhiBy day … Continue reading

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Dhammapada verses 223 & 224

Conquer anger with non-anger; Conquer wickedness with goodness; Conquer stinginess with giving, And a liar with the truth. If one speaks the truth, Is not angry, And gives when asked, even when one has little, Then one comes into the … Continue reading

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Dhammapada verse 177

Fools don’t praise generosity; Misers don’t go to the world of gods. The wise rejoice in generosity And so find happiness in the hereafter. (translated by Gil Fronsdal) Generosity is a broad category of intention and behavior, and is the … Continue reading

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Our reserve fund

A person stashes a fund away, deep underground, at the water line: “When a need or duty arises, this will provide for my needs, for my release if I’m denounced by the king, molested by thieves, in case of debt, … Continue reading

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Giving as letting go

Dāna pāramī : generosity, giving of oneself One of the important reasons why the Buddha taught the Dhamma was to teach us to let go, not to hold on to things. The more we really know the Dhamma, the more … Continue reading

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