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Listening to ourselves – error

Friends. It appears that the cartoon that I embedded in today’s post shrank in the process of being sent as an email. To see the cartoon clearly, please click the link on the bottom of that email or this one. Very sorry. … Continue reading

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Election Day

It’s election day in the USA, and there is tension in the air. Leunig is an Australian cartoonist who sometimes leans towards the misanthropic. I share this cartoon to propose that we find a better way in the future.

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Holistic Kindness

Holistic Kindness is the title of the chapter in Ven. Sucitto’s book, Pāramī, that deals with mettā, the feeling of unbounded kindness and goodwill towards ourselves and others. The feeling arises spontaneously from time to time. Can we learn to establish, sustain, and … Continue reading

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Resolve on what?

At the end of each chapter of his book Pāramī , Ajahn Sucitto has a section called “Quotes and Suggestions”, where he recommends practical things to do to develop each perfection. At the end of the chapter on resolve (adhiṭṭhāna pāramī) he … Continue reading

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An on-line course

Dear friends, If you are interested in going more deeply into studying and practicing the Buddha’s teachings and can afford US$240 for a full year of weekly lessons (both written and audio), please investigate Registrations will close on 1st October. If not, … Continue reading

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The dukkha of thinking

When we think of the Buddha’s first truth, the truth of dukkha, it’s easy to understand physical pain as an example. But day to day, by a wide margin, the largest proportion of dukkha is produced by our thinking. Consider the innocence … Continue reading

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Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation of AN3.48, “Mountains”: Bhikkus, based on the Himalayas, the king of mountains, great sal trees grow in three ways. What three? (1) They grow in branches, leaves, and foliage; (2) they grow in bark and shoots; and … Continue reading

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