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Don’t push

In all Buddhist traditions, the four “divine abodes” are mettā (boundless kindness), karunā (compassion), muditā (sympathetic joy), and upekkhā (equilibrium). In one significant way, these four “unlimited” mind states are closely related to each other: they all have to do with relationships … Continue reading

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Responding vs reacting

Further to our conversation in the past few posts, here is a clarifying question and answer from Ajahn Amaro’s book, “I’m Right, You’re Wrong!”: Question: Going back to the story about the monk, if someone is harming others, when, how … Continue reading

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Forgive and give space

Such a rich story (see two previous posts) – it’s made me consider my actions from a new perspective. First thought is that we should have some compassion for Ajahn Sumedho. He was a young monk in a strange and … Continue reading

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I proclaim such a teaching that espouses non-contention with anyone in the world. (Words of the Buddha from MN 18.4) recently published a relevant and helpful post titled To be less conflicted with others, be less conflicted within yourself. In it, Bodhipaksa … Continue reading

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Reviewing ourselves

In the monastic community, giving and accepting criticism of each others’ behavior is a standard part of the training. In lay life we tend not to welcome any indication that we or our views are not perfect. However, we rarely … Continue reading

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Since communities, whether large or small, are composed of human beings, they are inevitably exposed to tensions caused by human frailties. The innate propensity for self-aggrandizement, craving for personal benefits, self-righteousness, and attachment to personal opinions can lead to factionalism … Continue reading

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Attending to the sick

In any community that exists for more than a short time, someone will fall ill. Often when serious illness strikes, the family is the primary care-giving community, but sometimes friends become like family. When someone is sick, it tends to … Continue reading

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