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Counterproductive instincts

In the last post, one outmoded survival instinct was noted: self-preservation that sometimes appears as ego sensitivity. A couple of years back, a very wise letter appeared in the New Yorker magazine in response to a previous issue’s article on … Continue reading

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Why we quarrel

Monks, wherever monks take to arguing and quarreling and fall into a dispute, stabbing each other with piercing words, I am uneasy even about directing my attention there, let alone about going there. I conclude about them: ‘Surely, those venerable … Continue reading

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How to get along with each other

From AN 10:50, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi: … Monks, it is not suitable for you clansmen who have gone forth out of faith from the household life into homelessness to take to arguing and quarreling and to fall into a … Continue reading

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Good friends

We’ll get to communal harmony soon, but for now, another thought about friendships: [The Buddha is speaking to a young man named Sigālaka:] Young man, there are these four kinds of kind-hearted friends: the friend who is helpful; the friend … Continue reading

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Speaking well

From MN 58, translated by Andrew Olendzki: Such speech one knows to be untrue, incorrect, and unbeneficial, and which is unwelcome and disagreeable to others —such speech one does not utter. Such speech one knows to be true and correct, … Continue reading

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Listening to ourselves

By studying how to create harmony in our homes and communities, we are also learning to generate harmony within ourselves. If we forego using harsh speech with others on a regular basis, our own internal speech is likely to become … Continue reading

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Questions and answers

In Buddhist traditions, as with many other religions and cultures, debate holds a special place. Part investigation, part competition, it is common for people to engage in back and forth conversation in an attempt to sharpen their wits and prove their … Continue reading

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