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An integrated life

…walking the Buddha’s Eightfold path.  Reviewing Bhikkhu Bodhi’s classic short book titled The Noble Eightfold Path has inspired some new thoughts. Many people are generally interested in what the Buddha had to say or teach, but don’t know that there … Continue reading

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The karma of biology

The second of the five “Laws of Nature” that make up the framework of karma is the law of “seed” or biology. The effects of this law are generally visible to us because we inhabit our bodies and if we … Continue reading

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Appreciation in extremity

Today we have a guest post from a wise monk of my acquaintance. The protagonist of the embedded story, Ajahn Tongrat, was a teacher of Ajahn Chah’s (1918-1992). One of the lessons is that we can appreciate and welcome everything … Continue reading

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I proclaim such a teaching that espouses non-contention with anyone in the world. (Words of the Buddha from MN 18.4) recently published a relevant and helpful post titled To be less conflicted with others, be less conflicted within yourself. In it, Bodhipaksa … Continue reading

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Reviewing ourselves

In the monastic community, giving and accepting criticism of each others’ behavior is a standard part of the training. In lay life we tend not to welcome any indication that we or our views are not perfect. However, we rarely … Continue reading

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It’s not the same

An underlying cause of unease is our desire for stability, for predictability, for security. We get nervous when people or things change in unexpected ways. When someone says, “It will never be the same again”, I automatically think: “Well, it … Continue reading

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Children and attachment

In a recent issue of Buddhadharma: The Practitioner’s Quarterly (Spring 2017), in the department called “Ask the Teachers”, the question posed is “How do I reconcile parenting with nonattachment?” I recommend the journal itself (, and this article in particular. … Continue reading

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