Merit (2)

And what is the result of suffering? Here, someone overcome by suffering, with a mind obsessed by it, sorrows, languishes, and laments; he weeps beating his breast and becomes confused. Or else, overcome by suffering, with a mind obsessed by it, he embarks upon a search outside, saying: “Who knows one or two words for putting and end to this suffering?” Suffering, I say, results either in confusion or in a search. This is called the result of suffering.
from AN 6.63, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Here I’m using a different translation of the verse quoted in

Often, it is some specific form of suffering that makes us ask the question: Wow – is it possible not to suffer like this? Where does this suffering come from? Usually, we start out thinking that the problem comes from someone else not doing something that we want them to do, or we think that some stroke of bad luck has inexplicably fallen upon us. But if we’re really interested in finding out what’s wrong, we won’t just blame someone else or bad luck and grumble along until the problem passes; we’ll look a bit more closely.

The first of the Buddha’s truths is that life includes suffering. Acknowledging this truth is the beginning of wisdom. The second truth concerns the origin of suffering in our lives, and this origin is always connected with grasping or clinging of some kind. Once we recognize the role of our own expectations, demands, and sense of entitlement (to a pain-free life), we are ready to start choosing what’s worth hanging on to (for now) and what is not.

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