Happy holidays

Taking a little break here, but only from posting to the blog. Still keeping the five precepts and doing my best to consider the effects of my actions before taking them. This transition from one year to the next can be an opportunity to notice what we cling to and what we push away, and how much discomfort both of those activities can engender.

Let’s try to relax, take some time for gratitude and appreciation, and keep alert to our intentions.

May you be well, happy, healthy, and at ease.

About lynnjkelly

Australian/American. Practicing Buddhist.
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One Response to Happy holidays

  1. Keri says:

    Thank you Lynn for your insights and thought provoking writings. Have a great break and I look forward to your return, but in saying that we have heaps to peruse on the blog just as it is. Safe travels,have fun and may we live 2013 with kindness and mindfullness. Blessings….keri

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