Your questions & comments

Dear readers,

We’ve come to the end of the Dhammapada. This is not the end of the blog, but it is a convenient point at which to pause.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you might find useful to discuss in the context of the Buddha’s teachings, especially about how we interact with each other and our environments.

Please consider any dilemmas you’ve been confronted with and how you handled them. Tell us about it, whether you think you did the right thing or not.

Is there a subject that’s been on your mind? It could involve a choice or decision of some kind. We’re more interested in what life brings to us and less interested in purely theoretical questions. The Buddha was a supreme empiricist, and direct experience is what we can work with most fruitfully.

If there’s anything you’d like to share, or a question for me or the larger group, please leave it as a comment to this post. I can either answer you privately or take up the subject for comment in a future post. Please indicate if you want a private reply in your comment – I screen the comments and can post them or not.

Hoping to hear from you…

About lynnjkelly

Australian/American. Practicing Buddhist.
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One Response to Your questions & comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lynn’s comments have been an inspiration. The material was packed with contemplation as well as implementation. I selected three verses 19-20, 42-43 and v49. These were the verses that raised issues that I wanted to address.I memorised and recited them.Along with all the verses they have brought me and wisdom. Dhammapada is my daily compani

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