Words from a good friend

This comment came from Toni B in California:
“I’m thinking about takers and talkers and how I’ve learned that one of the best ways to see how I’m doing as a friend is to watch how I react to others who are being takers and talkers. I tend to react most strongly to unwholesome qualities in others when they’re the very qualities I need to work on.”

This was such a useful thought that I share it with you in the midst of reviewing the qualities that would make one a false friend. Toni has pointed up one way to check ourselves. Who are the people that annoy you most? What exactly is it that pushes your buttons? Are there specific words or actions you can name? Turn the tables and ask yourself, “Do I sometimes display this quality?”

If there is no one who annoys you regularly, congratulations!

About lynnjkelly

Australian/American. Practicing Buddhist.
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